In Beijing: CAPTURING MODERNITY w/ Xia Jia, Dan Goldman, Ma Boyong

How to tell stories that speak to and make some sense of modernity and the complex planet we live on? What voices, formats, genres, styles can best deliver the text and the subtext? This afternoon we gather three extremely versatile talents to discuss how they approach their craft. Xia Jia is a multi award-winning writer and filmmaker whose writing style blends and bends genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, romance and mythology. Dan Goldman is an award-winning writer, artist and narrative designer working in graphic novels, television, mixed-reality experiences and video games. He produces activist fictions like Priya’s Shakti that build empathy while delivering social messaging. And award-winning author Ma Boyong writes a range of genres including historical fiction, fantasy and mystery and is known for his humorous, often hilarious style. His books include Antique Game, The Doomsday Book and Goddess of Wind and Rain.

This event will be consecutively translated in English and Chinese.