KSL Partners with UNITAS for Anti-Trafficking Serial #WolvesInTheStreet

We are proud to announce that the first chapter of #WolvesInTheStreet—our comic serial produced in collaboration with anti-human-trafficking organization UNITAS—launches today! The serial’s aim is to show children and teens online how easily human trafficking can happen—and also how easily it can be prevented.


We at KSL are over the moon that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded the third chapter of PRIYA’S SHAKTI “Priya and the Lost Girls” a substantial Creativity Connects grant as part of its #NEASpring18 fundings.

Amplifier’s #MyClimateHero Project

Amplifier.org reached out to us to design portraits of real-life environmentalist heroes for their #MyClimateHeroes gallery/digital project:

In Beijing: CAPTURING MODERNITY w/ Xia Jia, Dan Goldman, Ma Boyong

How to tell stories that speak to and make some sense of modernity and the complex planet we live on? What voices, formats, genres, styles can best deliver the text and the subtext? This afternoon we gather three extremely versatile talents to discuss how they approach their craft. 

Dan Goldman Talks Penning Comic Books, Video Games and AR Stories

If you can name it, Dan Goldman can write for it. From comic books to AR, video games to prestige TV, there seem to be no limits for the Detroit-born, Los Angeles-based writer. That eclecticism has helped him gain plenty of acclaim and buzz, be it the awards and positive press for the empowering augmented reality comic book series Priya’s Shakti, the enthralled fans of Facebook-based role-playing game based on The Walking Dead that he wrote for the AMC cable network, and the onlookers waiting to see what he comes up with after finishing the screenplay for a cable series of his own.

Priya included in SYFY’s “10 Survivors of Sexual Assault in Genre Stories”

Our own Priya makes the list of SYFY’s 10 survivors of sexual trauma in genre stories.