Chasing Echoes

One of THE BEAT’s Best Comics of 2019!!

“Charting the highs and lows of multi-generational dramedy, this graphic novel depicts one family’s search for their roots with cinematic grace and economy.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Imagine your entire family goes on a pilgrimage to Poland to reclaim your grandfather’s legacy… and you only find out about it on Facebook!

Welcome to Malka Solomon’s life: broke and recently divorced, she’s also her family’s self-appointed historian. After guilting her way onto the trip, it soon becomes clear that they’ve drifted apart, and everyone has brought more baggage than suitcases.

When confronted with their reflection in the ruins of their grandfather’s old mill, they realize that they’ve been running away from themselves—and each other—for far too long. As they travel together across the Old Country of their ancestors—from Auschwitz to ruined synagogues to an Elton John concert—they realize that maybe they’re still a family after all.

“A contemporary exploration of Jewish identity in a world where identity is questioned everywhere.”

Jewish Book Council

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