Liliam Higa.

Liliam Higa is a strategist and entrepreneur applying human-centered design practices to original narrative projects.

Liliam received her B.A. in Fashion Design at São Paulo’s Faculdade Santa Marcelina, graduating magna cum laude with an award-winning menswear collection. After graduation, she spent a year traveling across Japan learning vanishing artisan techniques from aging traditional craftsmen to incorporate into her practice.

Moving to New York City, she went on to found Lillot, a coveted jewelry brand where she served as Creative Director and CEO. Her work was regularly featured in Vogue, Interview Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle for several years.

In 2014, she traveled with Dan to India while researching a new collection and was moved by her experiences there to create work that would contribute to society in positive ways far beyond simply designing beautiful physical objects.

Pivoting from physical product design to digital, Liliam began applying design thinking to narrative. She worked with Nissan on their award-winning IMs and Infiniti QX EV Inspiration cars, bringing her expertise in Human-Centered Design to next generation car experiences.

With a driving passion for socially-conscious storytelling, she co-founded the Kinjin Story Lab where she layers both cultural and human behavior research to seed our hyper-localized narratives with empathy so they can reach the broadest possible audience.