Written by Dan Goldman & Illustrated by Jorge F. Muñoz

A strange little girl born from a vaquita (an endangered species of mini-dolphin, currently less than 60 remain) grows up listening to the songs sung by her “imaginary” friend who sings on her windowsill at night of an undersea kingdom. But when she follows him into the Sea of Cortez, she meets the TAHEIMÁ — her true family — are real, and they are declaring war against mankind for their crimes against the seas. Beginning in Mexico, our view of the Land-Sea War will widen with each book as the planet is swallowed in a conflict that Vaquita may be the only solution to.

Each volume of VAQUITA will be a self-contained story targeted to younger readers as the Tehaimá use the ocean to fight against the land-dwellers… with Vaquita caught between both her families in a childlike and magical story with real scares and high-stakes.

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