Kinjin Story Lab channels my 15+ years telling stories in video games, comics and animation into creating worlds inhabited by people you can feel.

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The Division: Resurgence  Post feature image
Video Games

The Division: Resurgence

Silent Hill: Ascension  Post feature image
Video Games

Silent Hill: Ascension

Chasing Echoes Post feature image

Chasing Echoes

A dysfunctional family descended from Holocaust survivors goes on a wild goose chase across Poland looking for their grandfather's land stolen by the Nazis during WWII.

Red Light Properties Post feature image

Red Light Properties

A shaman performs psychedelic-assisted exorcisms on haunted houses so his spouse can flip them as "previously-haunted" in South Florida.

Priya's Shakti Post feature image

Priya's Shakti

The comic-book heroine I co-created was named "Gender Equality Champion" by UN Women in 2015.

The Persistent Thief Post feature image

The Persistent Thief

Big Five-O Post feature image

Big Five-O

Careless Whisper Post feature image

Careless Whisper

Subway Santería Post feature image

Subway Santería