Red Light Properties

“A whip smart, pitch black comedy that pulls few punches… Life, death, and real estate — is there anything else you need?”

The husband-and-wife team unearths properties that are unsellable because they’re haunted.

Jude Tobin, the husband, cleans out said haunted homes using santería and psychedelics to communicate with the ghosts. The ghosts find closure. The seller unloads their property. The RLP Agency receives a fee. Everyone wins… except maybe for the Tobins, who are barely on speaking terms.

Welcome to the world of Jude and Cecilia Tobin where ghost stories, five-alarm family dramas, urban shamanism and real estate collide to create a sun-bleached supernatural horror noir mash-up.

“Dan Goldman’s RED LIGHT PROPERTIES elevates creator-owned comics to another level. It’s incomparable in ambition, extraordinary in concept, and executed masterfully by a single mind. It’ll blow you away.”

Bloody Disgusting

Graphic Novel

“Jude is a shamanic figure whose hapless, shambling personality makes for an unusual protagonist and his episodic encounters with the great beyond combine with his volatile family life for explosive effect. The hauntings Jude encounters are quite gritty and emotionally compelling, and really can’t predict what you’ll find in any one issue of the comic, which makes for a gripping read.”

Digital Releases

“Goldman’s ghost stories made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle, while the bawdy slapstick interludes served only to lure me into dropping my guard for the next scare. Highly recommended.”

Cory Doctorow

Behind the Scenes