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The Persistent Thief Post feature image

The Persistent Thief

This after-hours tale of romance, crime and celebrity wants to remind you to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK (c. 2000).

Big Five-O Post feature image

Big Five-O

A bag of photos, kept safe for a decade in Brazil, make a very American homecoming (2024).

Careless Whisper Post feature image

Careless Whisper

Having a girlfriend in 5th grade could've been nice, if I actually wanted one. Welcome to pre-pubescent Valentine's Day peer pressure (c. 1985).

Subway Santería Post feature image

Subway Santería

That moment on the subway train when the crazy person everyone is avoiding engaging with targets YOU. What do you do?

The World According to Wedge Post feature image

The World According to Wedge

18 years on Earth with a most magical cat. This is his whole life, intertwined with mine (1994-2013).

The Division: Resurgence Post feature image

The Division: Resurgence

Writer & Narrative Designer

Pity the Fool Post feature image

Pity the Fool

Bullies and A-Teams and F-Bombs (c. 1985)

Thunk. Post feature image


A loud noise? Or a thought you had in the past? (c. 1999)

Wild Dogs Will Steal Your Shoes [2/2] Post feature image

Wild Dogs Will Steal Your Shoes [2/2]

Further Thar desert adventures atop the intrepid Sir Dingleberry [c. 2014].

Wild Dogs Will Steal Your Shoes [1/2] Post feature image

Wild Dogs Will Steal Your Shoes [1/2]

On camel-back through the Indo-Pakistani desert (c. 2014)

Gail and The Cleaver Post feature image

Gail and The Cleaver

My Fourth Grade solo art show (c.1983). Everyone's a critic.

Where It Goes Post feature image

Where It Goes

A proper short fiction written in the third person. With pigeons.